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Our Vendors 2023

Products: all natural soy candles

Products:  Traditional Puerto Rican Foods - Famous for their empanadas

Products: infused olive oil, risotto mixes and seasonings

Products: Garlic, garlic scapes and other garlic products

Products: Chemical-free Produce

Products: handmade dice and other wonders

Products: whole food for dogs with ingredients sourced from local farms

Products: Small batch sweet treats

Products: Award Winning artisan breads made with local and organic ingredients

Rabble Rouser Brewing Company

Products: Local draft beer

Products: Diverse sustainably grown produce and handmade pottery

Products: Small batch artisan cheeses handcrafted with pride and care

Products: Cinnamon rolls and fresh breads, watercolors and illustrations

Products: Fresh homemade pastas and sauces

Products: grape wines, many grown in NH

Products: The freshest olive oils and balsamic vinegars

Products: fresh local jams, jellies, pickles, relishes

Products: chicken, duck and rabbit meats, chicken and duck eggs

Products: fresh and locally grown microgreens, edible and fresh cut flowers

Products: popcorn and kettle corn products

Products: homemade artisan baked goods and French inspired desserts

Mimi Rae's Gluten Free Bakery

Products: Variety of Gluten Free Baked Goods

Products: Patio planters, mushroom logs, woodcrafts and eggs

Products: Wide variety of locally crafted ales and lagers

Products: All natural specialty soaps and pet care products

Products: Award-winning artisan raw honey

Products: Loaded gourmet baked potatoes and fried potato spirals

Wicked Fresh Microgreens

Products: Nutritiously dense microgreens packed with flavor

Products:  gourmet preservative free dog treats

Country Dreams

Products: Seasonal Veggies and Fruits, Including a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes and eggplants

Products: locally crafted spirits, beer and wine

Products: Derry-grown cut flowers and plants for your garden

Products: similar to beef jerky, but thin, crispy and addictive

Products: Handcrafted artisan chocolate

Products: Local craft beer

Products: sustainably caught fresh and frozen fish

Products: Hand-cut coin jewelry

Products: Organically grown veggies, plants and flowers

Products: Wooden and acrylic handmade jewelry

Products: Plants and know-how for your victory garden

Products: Fresh squeezed lemonade

Products: Handmade Pottery

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