Normanton Farm

We sell delicious, healthful pastured chickens, eggs, pastured pork,  100% grass-fed beef, and certified organic vegetables.

Our cattle are the foundation of our holistic farming system that mimics nature in a way that builds fertility in the soil, treats the animals humanely, and produces healthy food.

Our Chickens live out on the same pasture as the cattle. We buy them as day-old chicks, and care for them in a brooding house for their first three weeks. In the brooding house, they are sheltered from the weather and from predators, and we feed them only certified organic feed with no antibiotics and no hormones. 

Our Pigs live completely different lives from the nightmarish conditions of the modern industrial pig farm. Our pigs live, eat and play outdoors (with shelter from the sun and weather). We keep them close by the perimeter fence, where they munch on roots and acorns as well as the certified organic pig feed we give them. We move them along the fence line, and they keep it clear of weeds and brush, eliminating the need for a weed-whacker. As with all our livestock, we never feed them added hormones or antibiotics.

We grow certified organic vegetables in the soil fertilized by our rotational grazing system. As required by the National Organic Program, we do not use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Our Organic certifier is the State of New Hampshire.

Better for you. Better for the cattle. Better for the Planet. 


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