Board of Directors

Jacqueline Kay Henault (Jackie)


To me, there is nothing more thrilling than a farmer's market.  It combines so many wonderful things in one centralized location - fresh, whole foods, homemade goods, music, art, community and sunshine.  I appreciate a product so much more when I get to meet the person who created it with their own hands.  I hope the residents of Derry love attending this market as much as I loved helping to bring it into being.  It has truly been and continues to be one the most rewarding things I've ever done.  

Neil Wetherbee

Vice-President & Market Manager

I am thrilled to be involved in bringing a farmer’s market back to Downtown Derry! Supporting local farms and local businesses is important to both myself and my family. You cannot put a value on knowing where your food comes from especially in today’s world! Derry is truly such a great community and being able to share and enjoy that sense of community at an outdoor market every week should be a real treat through those fleeting summer months. I hope everyone will take the time and enjoy the experience that this market will bring to our community!

Paul Freitas


After volunteering for Derry Homegrown during its 2018 season, the board asked me to join them to continue to bring great food, handmade goods, music and community to downtown Derry. I was overjoyed at the thought of being a part of the team that provides so much for our community and gets people downtown to experience local artists and growers. As a natural creative, I try to help in whatever way I can, but you can usually find me behind some sort of lens trying to capture the splendor that is Derry Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market.   

Jenna Paradise


A self-proclaimed "hippie," I love the idea of knowing where my food is coming from, and celebrating those who devote their lives to growing and tending to it. As a mother, I want to foster a sense of community and good-will for my children to emulate.

Liz Carver

Board Member

Derry has been my home for five years now. I feel it is important to be a driving force for good in my community. I met Jackie (President of Derry Homegrown) through Go Green Derry, and was thrilled when I heard there was a group bringing back the farmer's market. I work at Normanton Farms in Litchfield, who will be vending at the market. This experience has been a great opportunity to combine my passions of farming and community involvement.

Leah Bourdon

Board Member

Since the summer of 2017 I have volunteered at the Derry Homegrown & Artisan Market on Wednesday nights after work. Wednesday quickly became my favorite day of the week! Interacting with the vendors, board members, and our community has truly brought me joy and I am so honored to be part of it all. Being able to share the market festivities with my family and show my children what it means to support local business, eat fresh, and serve our community is important to me. Whether the sun is shining or a storm is rolling in you can find me at the market with a smile on my face ready to lend a hand!

Cheryl Holbert

Board Member

As a baker in my community of Derry, I am passionate about access to local food and a community market is the best way to ensure its availability!

Terri Pastori

Board Member

The weekly excursion to the Downtown farmer’s market has been part of my family’s summer experience for years.  Not only is it a place to buy fresh local fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, bread, and treats, it is a place where the community comes together, and neighbor meets neighbor, in the heart of our historic Downtown.  Ensuring that Derry once again has a vibrant market with music, artisans, and activities for the kids, is important to me, both for my family’s experience and for our community. 


As a member of Derry Economic Development Advisory Committee, I am excited about bringing a market back to the Downtown as I believe that the market has the potential to be an economic driver for the Downtown area.  I hope you join us this summer at the market!    

John Potucek

Board Member

I’m very happy to be on the Board of Directors of the DERRY Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market. I have been associated with a “Farmers Market“ here in Derry almost from its original inception somewhere around 10 years ago. I believe strongly in the ideas of “Homegrown” and “Local”. I’ve been in Derry since the mid-70’s and have watched as Derry has re-invented itself. The “Derry Homegrown Market” is one of the best things to happen in a while and has been a GREAT success.

My background, well, I have a very varied background, having had at least five careers in my life so far, including my present one as a Derry State Representative, for the second time. Locally, I’m also involved in the Derry Economic Development & Advisory Committee, and this definitely “ties-in” with this activity. BTW: I can be “Googled”.


I’m really looking forward to meeting EVERYONE at the MARKET when we Open in June, (and ALL Summer)!

Jillian Theile

Board Member

A lifelong resident of Derry, I’ve always been committed to supporting our local businesses, neighboring farms, and community institutions. Living in proximity to the Rail Trail and our walkable downtown, I feel passionate about the union between our green spaces and the unique experiences our town has to offer its residents, as well as people just stopping by. With years of experience teaching literature and theatre arts, I know very well the power of small communities when they rally around an idea. You will find me walking or biking to our lovely market with my little family, an iced coffee in hand and a bag of artisanal cheese in the other. Say hello and we can swap creative and fresh meal ideas anytime.

Wendy Wetherbee

Board Member

I am a passionate believer in supporting local businesses, particularly those that work hard to bring the best of something to a community. Farming, growing, making things by hand and the arts...these things are some of the best things that make up a community.  And these are the things that New Hampshire itself depends upon. Being part of this group of people who are working to provide a space where our community comes together to experience these precious things, is truly a privilege.


I have over two decades of experience in design, outreach and marketing and I am very excited to lend my expertise to this effort.  I am thrilled to be part of this mission.  

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